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This year’s films had a lot to live up to when it came to location considering 2010’s most travel-inspiring movie was Eat, Pray, Love. But, we think the following five films did a pretty good job, and definitely gave us a few new places we want to visit in 2012!

Here’s our list of The Top 5 Most Travel-Inspiring Movies of 2011:

5. Super 8

Weirton, West Virginia, which was the filming location for Super 8, had to make our list as it has become a major travel destination since the movie’s release. The small town was made famous when it was transformed into the fictional town of Lillian, Ohio, in the sci-fi thriller and was a perfect fit for the movie since “it really hasn’t changed much since the ’70s,” as Jim Mahathey, assistant location manager pointed out.

Weirton’s Main Street was one of the movie’s main filming locations as it was completely transformed by the movie’s crew into a typical 1970’s town. There has been so much buzz about the movie and it’s location that West Virginia created a Behind-The-Scenes page on their website with information about the movie and where you can find various filming locations featured in Super 8. You can check it out here.

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