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An upcoming Dreamworks project will soon be filming in NYC and they are looking for extras.

Billy Dowd Casting of NYC will be holding two open casting calls next weekend, one for union and another for non-union background actors.

Check out the details for both below:

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Last week a new movie produced by SNL creator Lorne Michaels began filming in Staten Island, NY and they are still looking for extras.

Staten Island Summer stars Ashley Greene as the daughter of a mobster who spends the summer hanging out a pool club with lifeguards Danny and Frank. The movie follows the recent high school graduates as Danny is set to attend Harvard and Frank is still trying to find a direction for his life. Many current and past SNL cast members are also expected to appear in the film.

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The new J.J. Abrams pilot Believe is set to film in the New York area this month and they currently looking for individuals interested in appearing as extras.

The pilot, starring Kyle MacLachlan, follows the relationship between a young girl named Bo with a mysterious power and the young man tasked with protecting her from malevolent forces.

Check out the casting call details below:

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As we’ve reported, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is filming on location around 52nd St and 10th Ave in the Hell’s Kitchen section of Manhattan on Monday, and now we’re hearing they might be filming in Brooklyn this week, too!

We’ve had a couple of reports of London Calling (TASM2 working title) filming signs being posted at 82nd – 84th St and 14th – 16th Ave (near Dyker Beach Park) in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn for Monday, Feb. 25 – Wednesday, Feb. 27. Though we haven’t been able to confirm exactly what is printed on the signs with a photo, we suspect they might be to move cars on Monday and film on Tuesday and Wednesday (since we know they are filming in Manhattan on Monday). If you’re in the area and spot these signs, let us know!

UPDATE: Confirmed filming is filming will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week (not Monday). See photo below for the details! (Thanks @ooj4cki3oo)

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More signs for London Calling, aka The Amazing Spider-Man 2, were spotted on W 52nd St between 10th and 11th Ave in NYC for Monday, 2/25 from 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Signs also spotted around 10th and 49th.

Last week signs were spotted on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, but it turned out to only be a quick second unit shoot with none of the main cast.

We’re slightly more optimistic about Monday’s shoot after seeing this latest casting call looking for pedestrians on Monday or Tuesday:

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So far the search for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 filming in New York City has been more confusing than anything, but we’ve found a few more casting calls that at least provide a few clues about when they might be filming on location, even if we’re not sure where they’ll be, yet. Take a look at the casting calls below:

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According to a new casting call, The Wolf of Wall Street – which is based on Jordan Belfort’s memoir, being directed by Martin Scorsese, and will star Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Jon Bernthal, and Kyle Chandler – is set to shoot scenes in New York City this weekend and they need cars from the 1980s for the scene.

Check out the full post below:

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