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Gone Girl filming in Missouri

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Gone Girl has set up shop in Cape Girardeau and began filming on location in the area today. The shoot is expected to last for the next five weeks, this according to Cean Chaffin, one of the movies producers.

When asked what she thought about filming in Cape Girardeau, Chaffin said “as a place to be, [Cape Girardeau] is wonderful. As for filming locations, it’s turned out to be exactly what we needed. In fact, we are shooting here more days than we planned on because it’s working so well.”

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Gillian Flynn’s best seller Gone Girl is set to receive a Hollywood makeover. It’s being reported that the film adaptation of the gripping psychological thriller will be helmed by David Fincher (Fight Club, The Social Network) and may possibly snag Ben Affleck for the male lead.

The story takes place in the fictional setting of North Carthage, Missouri, but some very real locations in the area are being scouted. Cape Girardeau appears to fit all the film’s needs as far as size and proximity to the Mississippi River. As of now, it seems nothing is concrete, but a friend of a friend (I know, right?) is a location scout on the film, and Cape Girardeau looks a likely choice.

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