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Celebrity-Gossip.net has a first look at Megan Fox on the set of Transformers 3 in L.A. There is also new video from the set in Sherman Oaks, CA on Monday which you can see in the video above or via this link. In September, Transformers 3 will be filming on Florida’s Space Coast as well. [TFormers, Celebrity-Gossip.net, Live Journal]

•The Fast and the Furious 5 will be shooting in Parker, Arizona from May 24 to July 8. [Parker Pioneer]

Glee star Diana Agron is set to play the romantic lead in the upcoming I Am Number Four. The move will start shooting in the Pittsburgh area on May 17. [Broadway World, Post Gazette]

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It seems sequels are inevitable when dealing with popular movies, and thus 2010/2011 will be no different, denofgeek.com created a list with 77 movies that will see a continuation sometime in the future. We have mentioned a few below, as well as added a link to the whole article for those interested in learning more.

Avatar 2
Probably the most popular movie at the moment is James Cameron’s Avatar, and since Mr. Cameron himself has publicly declared that he’s looking into one or two sequels, we would expect an Avatar 2 to pop up sometime soon.

Cars 2
Pixar looks to extend the merchandising power of what’s turned out to be its most profitable picture when all revenues are taken into account. As such, Cars 2: World Grand Prix will be arriving in the summer of 2011, and will see Lightning McQueen and Mater travelling the way as they go about their racing duties.

Fast and Furious 5
The last Fast & Furious movie proved to be the most successful film in the franchise to date, and also gave Vin Diesel and Paul Walker the size of hit that they surely never thought they’d see again. The fifth film is set to be the last in the series, and rumours suggest that it’s going to be set in Brazil (presumably nixing any chances of the long-mooted The Brazilian Job in the process). Paul Walker is back, Vin Diesel is likely to be on board too.

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