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As we’ve reported, there is a large set being constructed for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (though if you ask the crew what it’s for they’ll probably tell you it’s for a commercial) at Sixth and Abbott St in Detroit’s Corktown district and now we have some ideas as to when filming at the site will take place.

Several businesses in nearby areas have received notices stating a movie will be filming will from August 6th through August 9th around Shelby St from W Larned St to Lafayette and Fort Street from Woodward to Washington Blvd. The notice also says there will not be any explosions but business owners should expect smoke and “fast moving cars.”

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This isn’t too much of an update but we did confirm Batman V. Superman filmed overnight last night at their studio – the Michigan Motion Picture studio in Pontiac, MI.

It is safe to assume this was the scene they needed all of those military extras for, considering the above photo taken by one of our readers, Michael. The Metropolis helicopter was spotted flying above the studio during filming.

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Trying to track down the Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice filming locations in Michigan over the past few days has proven to be a challenge and it doesn’t look like the search is going to end anytime soon as the movie is expected to spend most of the summer filming in and around Detroit.

The production is obviously being diligent about keeping things under wraps and the fans/photographers/curious locals who do track down any filming locations don’t seem too anxious to give away details (and why should they, whoever gets the first good photos of Ben or Henry filming on location in costume is going to make a fortune).

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Based on the latest set photos, it does appear Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be filming a military scene at their studio today.

Last week the production company called up several extras with a military background for a scene to be shot today and there was some confusion about how many extras would be needed. Some blogs were reporting they were using 8500 extras today, but if you read through the casting information more closely, it actually looks like they need 8500 extras for the entire Michigan shoot.

They are also expected to film LexCorp scenes across the street from their studio tomorrow.

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One of our Detroit tipsters, @Bananadoc, did some sleuthing today and was able to track down the Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice LexCorp site that has had the internet buzzing.

The site is located in an Old GM building across the street from the Michigan Motion Picture Studios – 1999 Centerpoint Pkwy, Pontiac, MI – where most filming is currently taking place.

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Thanks to one of our tipsters we may have uncovered another potential filming location for the newly titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Earlier this week there were tanks being delivered to a glass office building located on Van Dyke Ave between 14 and 15 Mile in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The name on the building has also been changed.

Filming officially began last week when the movie was spotted filming on location in Birmingham, MI. They are using the production signs that say “CCP” and are based at Michigan Motion Picture Studio in Pontiac.

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Today we had our first report of Batman V. Superman filming on location!

The production has been filming all day in downtown Birmingham, Michigan where cops have blocked off part of the road between Bate and Old Woodward for the shoot.

Based on photos we’ve received, and various Twitter reports, it looks like the scene involves Gal Gadot (sans her Wonder Woman costume) exiting a building that could fill in for a city office building or a hotel. And, of course, director ZacK Snyder was on set as well!

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