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Anchorman 2 filming in Atlanta

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Anchorman: The Legend Continues is back in Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta, GA today and the cameos will continue, too (rumor has it Vince Vaughn is on set today).

According to permits, filming will continue near Park Peachtree St between Marietta St and Auburn Ave (along Woodruff Park) through Monday.

Below are a few more pictures from Wednesday’s shoot, including new photos of Kanye West, Paul Rudd, John C. Reilly, Steve Carell, and Jim Carrey thanks to @Live1DNews.

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Forget the Met Ball, the real hub of celebrity action this week is Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta.

All week Anchorman: The Legend Continues has been filming scenes in the park and, along with the movie’s main cast members – Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, and David Koechner – there has a been a slew of A-Listers spotted filming cameos for the movie, too.

So far, Sacha Baron Cohen, Liam Neeson, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Jim Carrey, Kanye West, Kirsten Dunst, and John C. Reilly have been seen on set. And now we have another celeb to add to the list – James Marsden! Fans spotted the actor in his 70s garb yesterday.

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Today, Anchorman 2 was back in Atlanta’s Woodruff Park as the parade of cameo appearances continues.

In addition to Liam Neeson, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler, who filmed cameo scenes for the movie earlier this week, Jim Carrey, Kanye West, and John C. Reilly were spotted on set today.

According to several eye witnesses, they have been filming a fight scene between rival TV news anchor teams in the park, along with what looks like an angelic figure on a nearby rooftop.

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As we reported this morning, Anchorman: The Legend Continues spent the day filming in Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta where Will Ferrell, David Koechner and Paul Rudd were all seen in their full 1970s garb.

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Anchorman 2 is still looking for extras for Atlanta but this time they want you to bring you break out your tuxes and ballgowns.

A recent casting call is looking for people with formal wear including floor-length gowns and tuxes, especially those who either have 70s hairstyles or can fix their hair in a 70s manner.

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Anchorman 2 Set Drive By From Melissa from On Location Vacations on Vimeo.

As the cast and crew of Anchorman 2 is about to start their third week of filming in Atlanta, we thought it would be a good time to check in with where they’ve filming so far, and what we know about where they’ll be filming next.

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Production on Anchorman: The Legend Continues (also known as Anchorman 2 or Teaching Manheim or simply the Untitled Project) is definitely in full swing in Atlanta.

We’ve just learned Anchorman 2 will also be filming at Northside Tavern, off of Howell Mill Road in Atlanta, on Friday, March 8, 2013.

Anchorman 2 will reunite director Adam McKay and the movie’s original cast, including Will Ferrell, after 9 years. The sequel picks up with Ron Burgundy and his news team entering the 24-hours news cycle era in the late 70s.

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