New photos of Kristen Stewart in NYC


Last week Kristen Stewart was in NYC to promote her latest movie, Personal Shopper. While in town she stayed at The Bowery Hotel where she did take time to say hello to waiting fans.

During her stop at the Today Show she explained why she chose to shave her head. "I'm doing a movie in a couple of weeks called Underwater and I play a mechanical engineer that's working in an oil rig that's on the bottom of the ocean floor," Stewart said. "So for me, I was like, 'it's practical! I mean, I'm not going to be able to have touch-ups once I put the helmet on. I must shave my head'."

In Underwater, she will play an underwater researcher who are put in danger by an earthquake.

Check out a few photos of Kristen at The Bowery Hotel below:






Photos: Denise Korey


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