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During a recent interview with Rosario Dawson on Late Night, Seth Meyers admitted even he gets excited when he sees movies or TV shows filming on the streets of New York City.

Rosario was on the show to talk about her role in Chris Rock’s new movie Top Five and told the audience that they had a special visitor one day while they were filming in NYC – Seth!

Seth then explained that he was stopped at a red light while riding a Citi Bike alongside his wife, when Dawson, Rock and the film’s crew spotted him and called him over to say hello. He also admitted that, even though he is on TV himself, he loves seeing projects filming in the city.

I will say, as someone who is in the entertainment business…even when you see it you’re like, ‘oh my God a movie’, I get super excited, too.

To find out where you can see a movie filming in NYC, check out our Daily Filming Locations.



Over the summer, I fell in love with Welcome To Sweden, the NBC comedy Greg Poehler based on his real-life experience of moving to Stockholm with his Swedish girlfriend, and the challenges he faced adapting to a new culture.

Because the show is set, and filmed, almost entirely in Sweden, it provides the rare opportunity for U.S. audiences to get a glimpse into the lives of Sweden’s people, places, and culture.

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Steven Spielberg’s Untitled Cold War Spy Thriller, also known as St James Place, is filming on location again.

Spielberg already shot most of the movie in New York City earlier this year. The project follows the American attorney who negotiated the release of CIA U-2 spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers after he was shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960.

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The feature film “Hunter Killer” is set to begin production in the tiny South-central community of Whittier, Alaska in January. The film has been in the works for at least five years, with the project once pre-approved for an Alaska film subsidy in 2012. Producers for the film said the project is now a reality, with about 90 percent filming to take place in the Alaska town of 229 people.

At a recent packed town hall meeting in the Whittier Public Works Building, executive producers Jamie Marshall and Scott Lumpkin pledged to hire as many local people as possible as extras or to provide services.

“This is work! It’s a ghost town in the winter”, said Gregg Ginn, a 54-year-old longshoreman. Ginn said he has lived in Whittier for 16 years and “this is the most exciting thing we’ve ever had.”

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One of Jimmy Fallon’s most popular games is getting its own spin-off series. Lip Sync Battle will be based on The Tonight Show competitions that pit Fallon against his celebrity guests to see who can lip sync along to their favorite songs better.

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Here’s a look at what’s filming on location for Friday, Dec. 19, 2014:

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Filming in California:

Castle is filming at Raleigh Studios in L.A.

Criminal Minds is filming at Quixote Studios on Electronics Pkwy in Los Angeles.

Community is filming at CBS Radford Studios in Studio City.

The Fosters is filming near Red Oak Dr and Fern Dell Dr, Los Angeles (Griffith Park).

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As we’ve reported, Insurgent is back in Atlanta this week to film some additional scenes.

Surprisingly, there haven’t been many sightings of the movie, or the cast, so far. Today, thanks to a couple of our Twitter followers, we’ve learned there has been some setup in a downtown Atlanta building that might be for the movie. We also heard that most of this week’s shoot has been taking place in their studio, though they might be filming at the High Museum on Saturday, Dec. 20, too.

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